All NOF participants have the opportunity to “taste” caving personally! If you wish to experience the thrill of a visit to the underground world, expert caving instructors are available to guide you through our “caving path”. This path is situated in the rocky area near Rifugio Gilberti and it consists of a short rappel, an easy narrow passage and a small canyon, which resemble the main features of a karst cave. Don’t miss this occasion, both for adults and children!

The bravest have the opportunity of a guided descent in a real cave near Mt. Bila Pec. Limited places available for this adventure, so don’t hesitate to enroll!


Canin mountain is made up mainly of limestone, on which water has sculpted various karst formations throughout the millenniums, such as karrens, dolines and caves. Thanks to the exceptional purity of its limestone, caves in this area can reach considerable length and depth. The only way to discover and map the shape of these caves is to venture inside, as no satellite, no radar and no other instrument can tell us precisely what lies beneath hundreds of meters of rock. Those who study and descend into the caves are called “speleologists”, or simply “cavers”.

It is more than 50 years, now, that speleologists from all over the world come to Mt. Canin with the aim of exploring deep shafts, narrow meanders, enormous chambers and fascinating underground rivers. As of now, thousands of caves have been found here, several of which are deeper than 100 m. A few surpass the 1000-meter mark, the deepest being “Čehi 2“, on the Slovenian side, with its astonishing -1502. Again in Canin there is the deepest natural shaft in the world: a 600-meter vertical pit called “Vrtiglavica”. Close to this cave there is another enormous shaft called “Brezno pod Velbom”, inside which an amazing icefall has been recently climbed; this 280-meter-long route is by far the longest underground ice route ever climbed. Some caves develop kilometers in length, for example “Col delle Erbe” system on the Italian side of Mt. Canin, which includes more than 40 km of passages, thus becoming one of the longest in Italy.

Besides these records, exploration in Canin is all but over: new entrances, new meanders and connections between different caves are continuously found. Passionate local cavers regularly face extreme conditions to push the limit of our knowledge of this hidden world.