VENERDI’ 21 LUGLIO  – Centro Polifunzionale di Sella Nevea
Ore 18.00
Esibizione del “Quartetto dei Patriarchi”, formazione cameristica composta dalla soprano Francesca Gambara, dalla pianista Elisabetta Moretti e  dai violinisti Michelin Tiziano e Fabris Francesco.
L’ensamble, con all’attivo diversi concerti in chiese e sale della Regione, ha eseguito pagine della letteratura musicale cameristica sacra e profana con particolare attenzione ai compositori locali friulani.
Suspir da l’anime (Oreste Rosso)
Stelutis Alpinis (Arturo Zardini)
Signore delle Cime (Bepi De Marzi)


VENERDI’21 Luglio – Centro Polifunzionale di Sella Nevea

Ore 22.30

Gli ASK HER OUT sono un mondo circolare: come se i Karate fossero nati a Capo Verde ma Capo Verde stesse in Campania, vicino a Detroit.
In definitiva c’è un sacco di sezione ritmica su cui ci sono delle sfumature armoniche e melodiche: c’è ritmo ma c’è anche cuore, c’è la voglia di prendere le cose brutte e trovarci fuori qualcosa di bello. Non è niente di difficile, lo balli e stai bene, lo ascolti e ti fai delle domande, magari sul dancefloor incontri anche una ragazza che ti piace. Magari poi le chiedi di uscire.

Tre musicisti di formazione opposta si confrontano su un territorio sonoro volutamente ignoto, come campo creativo comune, senza perdere di vista la voglia di comunicare, di trasmettere un sentire positivo, profondo.
File under: post rock, black music, afro nel senso italiano.



SABATO 22 – Rifugio Gilberti

Ore 21

The High Jackers, i dirottatori, è un marchio creato da mr STEVE (Stefano Taboga) cantante e bassista dei THE MAD SCRAMBLE.
Nasce come band che raduna un compendio di vari musicisti di diverse estrazioni e percorsi musicali, uniti da una passione comune: FARE OTTIMA MUSICA! fornendo un prodotto che spazia tra vari generi (rock, blues, soul, R&B..).
data la flessibilità del gruppo, si propone in diverse formazioni, dal duo al quintetto, riarrangiando ogni volta i pezzi dei vari set.



DOMENICA 22 LUGLIO – Rifugio Gilberti

Ore 14

Born in 1963, Maurizio was an amateur musician throughout his childhood and adolescence; he played drumkit, flute, quickly learned about the evolutionary advantages of knowing how to play a song on guitar, and seconded his congenital obsession for percussion music by building his own instruments, collecting resonating object of any sort, and hitting pretty much anything that was catching his attention, while carrying his studies in architecture and interior design in his hometown Trieste, Italy.

He turned full attention to music at 21, when he began studying conga drums with a local teacher. By 1986 he had abandoned any other form of livelihood, and officially started his full-time career as a musician, playing for theatre, and local jazz, salsa and rock bands.
Between 1989 and 1991 he went through an intensive period of study of Congas and Afro Cuban Percussion, frequently visiting La Havana, Cuba, and learning from Tomàs “El Panga” Ramos, Changuito, Los Chinos and many others.

He moved to London in 1991, and quickly established himself as a session musician.
Quite an active presence in the British Funk scene throughout the nineties, he was the percussionist of Jamiroquai during their “Emergency” and “Space Cowboy” period, and of the James Taylor Quartet from 1994 to 1998; plus a number of less notorious acts with some of the most important artists involved in that scene, such as Dennis Rollins, Mike Smith’s The Whole Thing, Jessica Lauren and many others.
During the same decade, in different stages, he was involved in most of the Salsa and Cuban related project to originate from London. His collaborations in that field include, amongst others, Jesus Alemani, Snowboy, Alex Wilson, Tumbaito, Herman Oliveira.

With drummer Davide Giovannini he co-founded the duo Afroshock, whose activity spanned from 1989 to 2000. Afroshock released only one album, in 1998: “Accommodating Gods”, a creative tribute to the music of Cuban Santeria, still talked about by the few hundreds who bought it as one of the most important works for percussion music to come out of the UK in the nineties.

In 2000, during a period of long and frequent sojourns in native Italy, Maurizio joined Ezzthetic, a community of visual artists, actors, djs, musicians and artists from other disciplines based in Italy, with whom he collaborated on a number of productions in the fields of theatre, cinema, installation and visual art.
In October 2005 Ezzthetic released their only commercially available CD, called simply “ezzthetic_ep”, out in UK with the F-IRE Label. After the release of the EP, with an abrupt braking, Ezzthetic ceased its activities as a collective.

>After this experience, back as a full-time Londoner and eager to pursue the paths of research and experimentation opened during the Ezzthetic years, Maurizio started a collaboration with the tuba player Oren Marshall, and began developing a personal language in improvised music.
During the same period he started working with the electronic musician Sam Britton (aka Isambard Khroustaliov), from the laptop duo Icarus. Isambard and Maurizio’s first album “Five Loose Plans” was released in 2006 with the label Not Applicable, and marked the beginning of a friendship and artistic partnership which was to give many fruits, and still continues fertile to these days. Together with other discographic collaborations of Sam and Ollie Bown, the other half of Icarus, Five Loose Plans contributed in enlarging the catalogue and broadening the scopes of the label, originally intended solely as an independent outlet for the Icarus recordings.
Not Applicable eventually consolidated into a team of like minded video and music artists, which toured UK and Europe in 2006 as The Not Applicable Artists Project and started, in 2007, a series of regular evenings of music in London, called Appliances. Many of the performances recorded during the Appliances nights have been included in the mammoth-size release “An Introduction to Not Applicable” (2008), which is freely downloadable from the Not Applicable website.
The first and only album of the Oren Marshall / Maurizio Ravalico duo, In Thunder Rise, was released on the 15th of October 2010 with the Not Applicable label.

Maurizio’s other collaborations over the years include Paul McCartney, Paul Young, Greg Osby, Kaidi Tatham, Dego McFarland, Finn Peters, Barak Shmool, John Edwards, Steve Beresford, Pat Thomas, Shabaka Huchkins, Andrea Parkins, and the choreographers Lea Anderson, Bill T.Jones, Maja Garcìa and Jane Turner.
He’s been a member of the Dele Sosimi‘s Afrobeat Ensemble for about ten years, collaboration which granted him, amongst other things, the conga chair at the European runs of Fela!, the musical about the life and music of Fela Kuti. This also led to the formation of The Fontanelles, offspring of the Fela! musical house band, whose debut album Horns of Freedom was released in November 2013.
For several years he’s been playing percussion in many contemporary dance schools around London.

He is nowadays a frequent presence in Berlin, where he’s been consolidating his collaborations with the German faction of Not Applicable and organised, in Summer 2010, the Not Applicable Artists Festival 2010.

One of his leading projects is the trio Fiium Shaarrk, with Isambard Khroustaliov and the Berlin-based drummer Rudi Fischerlehner. Fiium Shaarrk’s debut album No Fiction Now! was released in November 2012, while their latest We Are Astonishingly Lifelike came out in March 2017.

Maurizio has also collaborated in the making of the last two albums of Tamar Osborn‘s Collocutor, and more recently with the Phaedra Ensemble.