Nevee Outdoor Festival – NOF 2017 – 21, 22, 23 July, Sella Nevea (UD)

Nevee Outdoor Festival is an event open to everyone. Its goal is to promote our beautiful territory and let visitors, families and outdoor fans get to know this area’s potential in terms of sports and culture.

Participants are given the opportunity to take part in all the activities. Experts and professionals of each discipline are available for support and guidance.

Climbing, speed flying and highline are just a few key sports of this event: strong local athletes are putting up shows and demonstrations for everyone to enjoy. The bravest have the chance to try them personally, under appropriate supervision.

Don’t miss the party for our friend Leonardo Comelli, the musical concerts and Sunday’s lottery: great opportunities to have fun together!

The initial vision belongs to a group of friends who put together enthusiasm and desire to promote the area, finally giving birth to Nivee Outdoor Festival just a few months ago.

This idea became reality thanks to many volunteers, professionals and institutions. We all wish to remember Leonardo with this project.



Bouldering – Climbing on boulders and low rock walls found between ‘Rifugio Gilberti’ and Bila Peč East face. Fun for everyone: from easy passages for beginners to not-yet-climbed challenges for experts! Possibility to try freely and independently over one hundred boulder lines graded 4 to 7c+. Everyone is receiving a detailed map of the area’s boulders with names and difficulty level. Technical and logistical assistance by expert local climbers. Bring crash-pad!

Sport Climbing – climbing on the East Face of Bila Peč single-pitch routes. The crag offers more than fifty different routes for all levels (4a to 7c+). Bring your personal climbing gear! We are working on a BRAND NEW sport climbing sector, come and try!

Multipitch Climbing – On the East Face of Bila Peč there are around 25 multipitch routes. The majority are bolted sport-climbing style, some are classical routes. During the event, participants have the opportunity to climb these routes autonomously. In addition, expert Mountain Guides are available for whoever wants to try this exciting experience for the first time. Book in advance!


The area of Canin is known as one of the most important in the World for the caving explorations. The Caving Path it’s a playful a fun way to try and discover the world of caving.

Alpine and Caving Rescue Team – CNSAS of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Assistance during the event and stand with information on their activities.

Paragliding and Speed Flying

Strong local athletes are alternating in various shows and demonstrations with small wings (Speedfly). Takeoff near ‘Rifugio Gilberti’, maneuvers and landing in ‘Piazzale Slovenia’ between 11 AM and 4 PM, weather permitting.

Highline and Slackline

Strong athletes are engaging in demonstrations and exhibitions on a slackline throughout the two days of the event.


Many opportunities for various circuit paths or downhill trails taking advantage of the cable car. Thanks to the cable car one can descend directly to Sella Nevea following the ski slope or cycle to ‘Sella Golovec’ and descend to Sella Nevea following the path to ‘Poviz’.

Learning path with MTB instructors in Sella Nevea near ‘Rifugio Divisione Julia’. Mountain bikes and FAT bikes (only adults) are available for free during the event. For extra mountain bike renting contact“La Montasio” Ivano Sabidussi tel. +39 335 7886927 Web:

Mountain Running

Sunday 23 will take place the Canin SkyRace,  a mountain running competition of 19Km and 1800D+ on the paths of the First Big War. Organized by TEAM SKY FRIUL

Ski and FAT bike

Snow conditions permitting, there is the opportunity for a ski or FAT bike test on a small snow park in ‘Conca Prevala’.


Besides the two paths inserted in the schedule, there are countless other options to satisfy anyone who is looking for a gratifying hike.

The Geological Path ‘Foran dal Mus – Monte Canin’ is a recommended option. Starting at “Rifugio Gilberti’ and arriving at Sella Nevea, there is the possibility to pick between two paths: a shorter one (3 hrs) and a longer one (8 hrs). More details on brochures and at info points.

Another interesting option is to follow path CAI n. 636a from ‘Rifugio Gilberti’, eastwards to path CAI n. 637, which leads under the magnificent West face of ‘Monte Robon’ and finally to Sella Nevea.

For the bravest we recommend the hike to the summit of ‘Monte Canin’ (2587 m) following ‘Via Ferrata Julia’. The eastern descent path leads to ‘Sella Prevala’ and finally back to ‘Rifugio Gilberti’. Only for expert hikers with appropriate equipment for the ‘Via Ferrata’. Approx. 7-8 hrs.

Adventure Park

Sella Nevea Adventure Park is thought for all outdoor enthusiasts aged 3 – 90! Entirely built in the woods, this park guarantees great fun for families, children and all sort of sport fans, regardless of their physical preparation. Whoever is looking for a simple and gratifying adventure in the woods is welcome!  For further info go to

Fun and Relax

Conferences, workshop and concerts.

‘Rifugio Gilberti’ and its surroundings are the heart of these two days of sport. Various sponsors are attending the event, setting up stands where participants can view and gather information on the newest products.

Evening meeting and concert for Leonardo, happy hour and dinner always at ‘Rifugio Gilberti’. Right after dinner, outdoor concert under the stars!

Sunday afternoon lottery with prizes offered by our sponsors.

For further info on activities and sports around Sella Nevea go to

Dining and Accommodation

“Rifugio Gilberti’ and ‘Rifugio Divisione Julia’ are in agreement with the event and provide dining and accommodation for participants. Food stand outside ‘Rifugio Gilberti’.

Possibility to mount a tent to sleep outside ‘Rifugio Gilberti’, toilettes available for all participants. Tents, sleeping bags and mats are not provided.

In case of bad weather, any change in the program will be communicated via Facebook on the event page and on the official website

Activities during the event are taking place compatibly with weather conditions. Saturday’s party and concerts is taking place regardless of weather conditions.

Rifugio Divisione Julia, Via Friuli, 2, 33010 Sella Nevea UD, tel 0433 54014
Rifugio Celso Gilberti, 1850m tel 0433 54015